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Cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast, owners of small farms, deliver 40% of the world coca supply and constitute the base of the global industry worth billions dollars. Although they generate up to 15% of the national domestic product of the Ivory Coast, most of these people still live in poverty because of the productivity drop.

Productivity depends on a plantation a plantation

Cocoa is a popular commodity and we do not even think that we could miss it.  It seems impossible from our consumer point of view, when chocolate and its derivatives are commonly available.  However the problems of Ivory Coast farmers tell us that if we do not find a method to improve the plantation conditions, we may have to face a situation, when cocoa is a scarce good, which will make kids and not only (literally!) sad.  

Let’s eat chocolate and drink cocoa!

While chocolate products may compromise our health (e.g. tooth ache), pure cocoa is has a low calorific value and is rich with fibre. And it has many more advantages.  

Owing to flavonoids, everyday cocoa dose helps to prevent ischaemic heart disease, cerebro-vascular accident and some types of cancer.

It also is a source of teobromine – this chemical compound is renown and able to reduce blood pressure, widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Few people know that cocoa protects skin against ultraviolet radiation. High contents of antioxidants in cocoa is not only advantageous for the body organs, but also greatly prevents skin ageing.  

And now the most important thing! Phenylethylalamine is a compound of cocoa, taking part in serotonin production. It is one of the reasons, for which cocoa is so often perceived as ant-depressant, improving our bad mood.   

Cocoa guarantees good mood not only to the gourmets…

In 2010 and 2011 the political crisis at the Ivory Coast disturbed the cocoa industry in the country. Home ware damaged a large part of the transport infrastructure, so the farmers, who could not deliver the seeds to the ports at the Guinea Bay coast, fillet their own warehouses and reduced the harvest. Farmers, afraid of further price drop, started to sell seeds from their reserves, with no back-up in the new crops.   

Now the harvest the the Ivory Coast is one of the lowest in the world, mainly because of trees ageing and worsening soil. Due to no long-term financing possibilities, the farmers have to look for new sources of income.  For a better profit, they exploit different plants, e.g. tree resins, which are used in dentistry, prosthodontics and chewing gum manufacturing.   

Cocoa is cocoa!

The analyses show that in about 15 years the content of cocoa in milk chocolates will decrease due to a high price fluctuations. The manufacturers will have to reduce chocolate size, and the cocoa content in milk chocolates will be much lower.

Investments in sustainable farming is crucial for undisturbed cocoa deliveries for the world chocolate industry and a better life of Ivory Coast population. Let us not allow the great crop which cocoa is be replaced with different, probably not proven substitutes. Initiatives related to sustainable trade show that some long-term loans are possible and they can improve farming capabilities, and the repayment shall be possible from revenues from the product increase, obtained with the investments. The conclusion is automatic. The higher cocoa demand, the better future for the farmers, as entrepreneurial investors shall spot great profit chances…

Edyta Psut

I`m happily married mother of two children. I`m always ensured a healthy lifestyle for my family. I enjoy being an active member of her community and works closely with local charities.


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