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In the era of rapid technological development, the enormous progress of civilization we have come to the point where ours destructive actions cause a bad impact on nature. We see huge factories pollute the air, water, soil just to satisfy the ever increasing and uncontrollable needs of society. Earth cannot keep up with regeneration, and human activity more and more it is sterilized, despite the enormous exploitation of land by powerful industrial concerns. This also applies to our lives, because so often ours behavior is destructive to operate nature. Our environmental activities performed each day will help to catch breath by nature in this very one-sided fight. It does not need so much, because we need to observe just a few basic and simple rules in our activities to change it on environmentally friendly. Therefore, below we recall seven simple rules, according to which we should follow every day.

The first rule – segregation of waste.

Segregation of waste is perhaps the simplest of the rules ecological life. Waste segregation is not only the environment protection, but also a way for big savings - of natural resources and energy. Separate collection of waste in your home is the first and basic step to improve the environment in which we live. It allows minimize the amount of waste that goes to landfill, allows separation of hazardous waste from municipal waste, and this is the first step in recycling.

The second rule – use of materials that can be recycled

Each of us already at the shopping should be aware that some products are suitable for the recovery and reprocessing. Usually each package shall have appropriate signage that informs us whether it is suitable for segregation. Choosing product that is not segregated we increase the same amount of waste that will increase the heap at the dump.

The third rule – Dispose of batteries.

This rule refers to the proper sorting of waste batteries. Batteries are extremely harmful products and burdensome both for the environment and for the people. They contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, lithium and that in such a high concentration that the compounds of this one battery when discharged into the environment and taint soil water having entered make it undrinkable. Poisoning by these compounds makes irreversible damage to the human body leads to chronic diseases causing cancer, and high doses are lethal to humans and animals. That is why it is so important donation of used batteries in specially designated areas, so never dispose of their trash general!

The fourth rule – save electricity

Everyone probably knows what is the ecological cost of electricity? This is due to the powerful powerhouse, which at the moment are the greatest poisoners of air, water and soil is sourced electricity. Therefore, reduction of energy consumption in our homes is necessary, because through it we reduce the demand and contribute to environmental protection. It is necessary to care for reducing electricity consumption in a simple way through the manufacturing of fire-eating unnecessarily lit lights, buy new energy-efficient household appliances, and gradually replace lighting with energy-saving light bulbs. In addition, the perfect solution is the ability to use renewable energy sources by nature, which is in the sun, water and wind.

Fifth rule – limit water consumption

Saving water is not only important from the point of view of ecology, but it is also a very important issue in terms of natural drinking water resources. There are really not enough of them and the pollution of air, water and soil effectively limit their occurrence. Water is drawn from dirty rivers, lakes and wells, and its quality is steadily deteriorating. We can take care of it, to use water only as much as needed, to eliminate unnecessary waste of water, take a bath in the shower without unnecessary lengthening it's duration, although for many people garden and grass growing in it has a much larger value than poured tens of cubic meters of water per watering this, despite the fact they should be confined. There are many ways to reduce water consumption, we just have to be aware of how it is important for us and for all sorts of life along with the idea that the resources are limited.

The sixth rule – use of organic products

Today organic food is more and more popular than a few years ago, and this is a very good trend. A trend that calls into existence many companies engaged in organic production, allowing each manufacturer, and especially this little find its buyer. This is because organic products on the one hand provide added value for our health, on the other hand are absolutely beneficial to the environment. In organic production uses natural resources such as manure, compost or plant measures against pests and diseases. Thanks very organic product, though not so great, however, has its original taste and smell, which is difficult to look at an artificially acquired product contained such chemicals to be beautiful and have "healthy, look"! The best idea of ​​organic products gives us compare them to those that we see and gather. However, outside of food products is a whole lot of organic products designed even, as mentioned earlier fertilizers, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. Unfortunately, today's organic product costs more than a conventional, and this is due to the fact that it is created through genetic, using low-cost artificial means for growing plants, any artificial supplements, growth boosters, hormones, etc., which led to a mass scale is cheaper, but paid for a huge price to pay, after all, all in the form of both damage to our health as well as environmental degradation.

Seventh rule – use eco bags

Knowledgeable consumers are increasingly choosing eco bags instead of plastic, which arise from the processing of petroleum products. What is their negative impact on our environment? One plastic bag can decompose as low 400 years and during this time it might emits methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Some of this type of bags is processed again, but in a negligible percentage of the remainder of these packages littering the environment. Eco bags such as cotton or jute are very durable and they are perfect alternative to polluting our environment plastic bags. Using eco bags shows that we care about the environment and healthy future for us and for our future generations.

Precisely in this manner using in everyday life to these 7 simple rules we prevent littering the world and live organically.

Wiesław Kaszubski


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