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Do you belong to the group of people who suffer from skin problems after the application of cosmetics? If you do, see for yourself why it happens, if you do not it does not mean that you are not exposed to harmful ingredients contained in cosmetics.

The use of conventional cosmetics

Nowadays, the use of "conventional" cosmetics is becoming more and more popular and widespread. Almost every day the vast majority of the population uses all kinds of face creams, body lotions, masks, facial scrubs, etc. We look after our skin using lotions and oils, we rub our bodies with the nutritional components they contain, and in the end we apply deodorant or perfume to raise a bit  the fragrance qualities of our bodies. Moreover, in the case of the gentle sex appears an extraordinary desire to improve mother nature in terms of appearance and attractiveness through the use of products hiding their "imperfections". It is becoming obvious that each of us strives for perfection trying to improve their appearance to be more attractive or beautiful. And certainly there is nothing wrong with that! However, not everyone has sufficient knowledge that our efforts in this area are very often perceived as the violation of our bodies. We do the violence to ourselves using conventional cosmetics which contain a variety of artificial and harmful chemicals unfamiliar to our bodies.

Why harmful?

First, we do a great harm to our skin, which is the largest organ we have. It is the skin which takes directly to its surface the biggest blow of the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals contained in cosmetics. Secondly, the skin is a living shell, through which occurs respiration and excretion of waste products. However, the process happens when we do not disturb it by clogging the pores of the skin, as a result of the use of inappropriate and unnatural ingredients contained in the "conventional" cosmetics. Moreover, through the skin there is a the assimilation of harmful compounds to the bloodstream and the accumulation of them in the whole bloodstream , which leads to health problems.

Mysterious INCI ...

Certainly, the person reading these words has a skeptical attitude with regard to their content. ‘What harmful ingredients can those innocent cosmetics contain?’, ‘ What clogging pores? ‘, ’What adverse effects? ‘, ‘I use and nothing wrong happens? ‘  You may ask yourself such questions, but please tell me ‘Who understands the INCI composition contained on the package? Who can read the actual ingredients that make up the product? I imagine very few people can and those who can certainly use a completely different kind of cosmetics and are able to find their natural product. The INCI name, which means little to the client, hides compounds of the harmful impacts such as 4-Methylbenzylidencamphor = 4-MBC - artificial sunscreen - with harmful effects on the hormonal system and those causing photoallergic contact eczema. Such examples can be multiplied, starting from the normal paraffins, mineral oils and other petroleum compounds.

The harm again

Harmful effect of the compounds in cosmetics is very broad and extends in two directions. Firstly, they act directly toxic to the cells of the body and secondly, by reaction with other compounds they create new compounds with a particularly harmful effect. In either case, the function may result in a mutation in the DNA structures, which may lead to tumor formation. It may also lead to a disturbance of the endocrine system by blocking or excessive activation of hormone receptors, which results in extremely serious diseases. In addition, it is suspected that harmful compounds have their share in the functioning of the nervous system through its neurotoxic nature and many of them have in their data sheet, contraindications for use by pregnant and lactating women. You should also remember about allergic actions of many ingredients.

Who has profits?

I suspect that for many readers the information will seem surprising and questionable only because that how it is possible that nowadays in such a formal way and in such a range harmful compounds can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics? In response to this there is a fact: the beauty industry as an  extremely profitable business. The profitability of the cosmetic giants is so huge that they have a worldwide reach and their strong lobby effectively leads to admissibility  of synthetic, questionable and harmful ingredients in the production of cosmetics. And all this is done in order to achieve the greatest profits. At the same time cosmetic giants forget about the client and their suggestive and intrusive advertising leads to greater popularization of the products that do not do anyone much good. Current development of civilization, no borders, materialism, along with the media promoting unnatural people in commercials have led to a situation in which original values have been lost and the rampant consumerism and manipulation caused that the benefit of cosmetics is generally available only to their producers.

Wiesław Kaszubski


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