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The globalizing economy makes from the beginning of the twentieth century. You can use exotic foods, cotton and craft products produced on the cheap in the former colonies, which we now call the global South. While shopping you do not think about the fact that decisions have an impact on the lives of other people and the environment. Delight in the aroma, taste, subtle patterns, intricate workmanship. These are the main factors that determine whether a product is in your shopping cart.

System, and free trade

According to the UN, 1.4 billion people living achieved revenues below the official poverty line ($ 1.25 a day), and 27% of the population in less developed countries live in abject poverty. This results in hunger and malnutrition, particularly dangerous for children, for example. In sub-Saharan Africa 1/8 of children do not survive to five years of age (for www.worldhunger.org). On the other hand, according to Oxfam, the profits of 97% of trade goes to the rich countries (2010). Consequently, only 3% of the profit attributable to poor countries. The money that you spend on goods originating in these countries, supply budgets typically corporations, with large plantations and global sales network. Unfortunately this is a problem that can not be solved in the system of free trade. Small producers from poor countries are not able to "break" the conventional trade, which is governed by numerous international agreements, limited duties and subsidies.

Bloody tags

April 24 marks the anniversary of the collapse of the giant factory and sewing Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where the collapse killed at least 1127 people (the youngest was 14 years old). In Poland, after the tragic event became interested in who produces clothes that we wear, and if by chance it was produced not just in this factory. We are aware that in Bangladesh are also a factory sewing garments for Polish customers. This is in accordance with the policy, if you want to rely on the market, you need to move part of the production, eg. To Bangladesh. There you will find cheap labor without meeting the more stringent requirements, otherwise you lose a duel to the prices with the largest clothing. Unfortunately, we also know that any statements of representations in order to watch over the observance of basic principles, it is just paperwork declarations, nohow having to reality.

The market value or social

Protecting the rights of people around the world is not easy, to poor countries is even more difficult. Currently, the project created the International Fairtrade certification for cotton has a task to expand its reach to the entire supply chain from the cotton fields to employees who color the final look of the fabric. In the long run lead to a much larger improvements in the textile industry and the corresponding respect for human labor.

You can see how important a role in this system plays a Fair Trade - an organization that cares about the financial benefits of agricultural cooperatives, bringing together the poor farmers in the global South, which makes sure that they do not work in slave-like conditions, hazardous and develop forms agriculture based on the principles of sustainable development. It is worth picking up teenage daughter a dress for a moment to think that there may have been sewn by her peer and that should also therefore support the fight for fair trade!

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