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Widespread availability of apples makes us forget how good for health they are. The embargo that begun on August 1 and Polish internet’s response to it (called #jedzjabłka - #eatapples) are a great opportunity to remind us how healthy this fruit is, and on addition to support Polish farmers by reducing their losses.

Pest impossible

The official reason for banning the imports of most fruit and vegetables from Poland to Russia is “the violation of certification and the identification of quarantine products”, but the whole world takes it as an answer to the latest round of European Union’s sanctions against Russia. Also, the more courageous part of Russia supports that view. Independent “Nowaja Gazieta” wrote that the pest which was claimed to be found in Polish apples, eastern moth, does not exist in Poland at all.

It is a big issue for Polish apple growers. According to Eurasian Economic Community, last year almost a million tonnes of apples were imported from Poland to Customs Union (out of which almost 80% went to Russia itself). That makes for the third part of the whole Polish apple production.

How many apples can you eat?

The call on citizens to show their support for apple producers is widely known in Poland and other countries. It started on Twitter, where the Polish journalist Grzegorz Nawacki shared an image of himself eating an apple hence trying to suggest that the surplus of apples could be eaten. The whole campaign, called #jedzjabłka (#eatapples), is not doomed to failure.

Knowing that every Polish citizen ate approximately 14 kg of apples last year (which is even less than European average, 20-30 kg), dividing additional million of tones by 38 millions of Poles makes these 14 kg just triple. If a medium-sized apple weighs about 120 grams, all it makes is just one additional apple a day. It is not a big deal, is it?

For health

All we need to say here is: an apple a day keeps the doctor away – in the end the embargo will just make Polish people healthier. Every 100 grams of an apple contains 50 calories, and is a great source of potassium and vitamin C. As they also contain lots of dietary fibre (pectin, especially in the skin), apples positively affect our digestive tract. It is also pectin that lowers cholesterol. Eating apples is good for heart, blood pressure and even may reduce the risk of colon, prostate and lung cancer. Because of antioxidants, apples also help one look young for a long time. And that is just the beginning. Do not be afraid to accept the challenge and eat one apple a day!

Samanta Makurat

Chemistry student at the University of Gdańsk, fascinated with molecular modeling. Nature enthusiast.


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