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As soon as season changes and the wind is warm, all human beings tend to hear the call of nature. The woods, the sea or even local lakeside, anywhere but far away from city scorching heat. Unfortunately, if we desperately expect to rest on the countryside, we end up with the unwanted company of random people, driving us mad and so we are forced to go back home totally frustrated and disgusted.

Two days ago me and my “beloved one” went to a “paradise” which, for us, basically speaking is deep, vast forest. Not very far…there is a beautiful place with the lake nearby where you can enjoy watching wild scenery in silence. Quick backpacking with only most important stuff such as water, sandwiches, camera, binoculars and…we heat the road! The woods, as usual, greeted us with variety of colours and birdsongs. We sat on the bench with road sign nearby, proudly keeping the European Union logo on it. Now we finally could rest watching swimming grebes, charming us with their beauty. I could take a lovely photo nut we do not have a camera good enough. Well, we do not have a car either- we came here by bus. That is not important at all.

Oh! How sweet!

All of a sudden we hear loud noise of car engine with even louder radio station with it`s one-of-the-newest-summer-hits. This car almost drowned parking in the lake, throwing out a couple of charming children and their  parents. “Nice – I thought – all the grebes are gone, everything`s gone.”  I gave my husband a sadly look. Among general noise of frisky offspring, dad – head of the family pulled his grill out of the boot, mommy – her sunbed and now they are settled. Bloody hell.

- Daddy! Daddy! Me want a ”watel lily”! – screamed a cute little girl

- Darling, give Zuzia a flower – a voice from the sunbed responded

Baldhead guy bravely jumped into the lake and after few minutes got out with armful of “watel lilys” giving them to his daughter. White water lilies ( Nymphaea alba) are being preserved but never mind,  there are so many of them in this lake. The grill is on, whole lot of smoke, there will be no spawning of any insects around today. Little girl was weaving a garland of lilies and her brother was trying to feed the grebes with crisps `cause as we all know the crisps grow underwater and it have always been a  basic food of wild birds.

- Mommy! Mommy look! A treasure – yelled young lad raising his little hand and keeping a broken bottle between fingers. A bottle that back in the days probably kept a cheap cherry booze with quite strong flavor to cheer not quite strong throats.

- Bloody kids and all that rubbish everywhere!

Screaming dad glanced at us with his stupid look but we are no kids and there were not any rubbish around us.

Oh! how gorgeous!

Lady laying on the sunbed was reading a magazine for housewifes  helping her to solve all the problems it might have bring. Gentleman by the grill bumbled something that sounded like burnt bloody sausages and kids were already in the water, dancing between reeds and rushes. Oh please, make them get a leech under their pants! Or maybe better not. What if it will be a preserved species again so maybe a crawfish, but crawfish in here? No our local crawfish are on the extinction so maybe they can get bitten by an American crawfish- invasive species in Poland. And they can bite hard…oh you bet!

Oh! how wonderful!

Kids got bored slashing in the mud and went to play on the meadow. Lady on the sunbed also got bored of reading and she decided to do something more intellectual and biting her tongue she started solving crossword puzzle. Our bald gentleman finally managed to cook something `cause we could hear characteristic sound of opened beer can, followed by a loud slurping ( even louder than his summer-hits-radio). We could still hear those lovely delight words such us a frog, a reptile, what a weird snake! But when it finally came to blowing an inflatable mattress, crocodile – air bed and duck – shaped – air sleeves, I had just lost my nerves.

- That`s it! Off we go – I said to my hubby.

We have packed our stuff in hurry and headed back to the bus stop, walking by another road sign saying “Nature reserve”. Waving goodbye, we took a lovely photo of…their car plates. I know a local forester here who`s on duty.

Should I make a call?

Joanna Merta-Krawczyk

Trained as a environmental biologist and forensic biologist. With interests - bushcraftman and great fan of survival. Personally and professionally - a happy wife and zoologist with a passion. From time to time clumsy and forgetful, but generally positive about the life, person who spends every spare moment in the woods or reading a book. In the evenings and at night listening to metal music while sipping strong alcohols and biting fat food.


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