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Joanna Merta-Krawczyk

Trained as a environmental biologist and forensic biologist. With interests - bushcraftman and great fan of survival. Personally and professionally - a happy wife and zoologist with a passion. From time to time clumsy and forgetful, but generally positive about the life, person who spends every spare moment in the woods or reading a book. In the evenings and at night listening to metal music while sipping strong alcohols and biting fat food.

Let’s turn freedom to our pets!

Summer holidays, carefree and rest time Unfortunately during this period the owners of pets, who they looked after them all year, often say that their pets may more or less disturb in holiday plans. Owners can't stand thought, that they put beloved animal to sleep, so they try to invent better idea - turn back them freedom!

With binoculars among all creation

As soon as season changes and the wind is warm, all human beings tend to hear the call of nature. The woods, the sea or even local lakeside, anywhere but far away from city scorching heat. Unfortunately, if we desperately expect to rest on the countryside, we end up with the unwanted company of random people, driving us mad and so we are forced to go back home totally frustrated and disgusted.