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Karolina Ziaja

A huge fan of dogs, good coffee and literature. Biology student on the University of Opole. Interested in combination of technology, design and care for the environment.

Natural ways to stay healthy and fit in cold seasons

Low temperature, rainy and foggy days are inherent signs of autumn. They also mean wet shoes, bedraggled clothes and hair messed by cold wind. Now it's easy to catch cold or flu. Learn about natural ways to prevent sickness: eat tasty and healthy food, sleep well, be active and enjoy the most colorful season of the year!

Stay calm and take magnesium - an element essential for your health

You're irritable and tired? Perhaps you feel foot pain or leg cramps and have problems with swallowing and sleeping? Those symptoms are signs of magnesium deficiency. Do not worry, it is easy to provide your organism with as much magnesium as it needs by food or supplements. Try to help yourself by eating tasty meals and staying relaxed. Learn about that essential mineral and find out if you're deficient in magnesium.

Earthship - a recycled, ecological house

Living in an ecological, self-sufficient house is a dream shared by every person who loves nature. The Earthship is its fulfillment - it's a house, which is built with tires, bottles, earth and... creativity of its future residents. American architect Michael Reynolds has created an uncommon project of people and nature-friendly buildings.