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Katarzyna Łąkowska

Since childhood animal and nature lover. Fascinated by healthy lifestyle. "Activity" is her second nature. Cycling, skating, skiing, yoga and hicking are some of her favourite hobbies.A great fan of healthy cuisine and home-made pastries. For several years, a vegetarian. Interested in ecology, responsible consumption and sharing economy. Graduated from environment protection at the University of Łódź.

Sweet bulb - Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a plant which has come to Europe from North America. It is believed that the person who had “imported” it was Christopher Columbus. Jerusalem artichoke’s tubers were North American Indians’ food. Appreciated by colonist, they have spread as ornamental, edible and fodder plant, reaching Europe and Asia.

A bee is your friend…isn’t it?

Bees are incredibly useful insects. They have a huge impact on our everyday life. Unfortunately, commonly we are not aware of this fact. As pollinators they contribute to 50% crop increase, at average. Without bees’ hard work, we wouldn’t have so many fruits and vegetables as we do have now. Unluckily, their future is uncertain and it is high time we took action to help them survive.