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Agnieszka Szostok

Fascinated by nature and healthy lifestyle. Environmental engineering student, with passion combining new technology and need of environmental protection.

Water - more precious than gold

Poland has problem with water scarcity - it may seem like a joke, when the disasters and calamities: floods and rain storms happen so often. Surely our country is crossed by numerous rivers, we have a beautiful lakes, lots of rainy days in a year, but our water resources can be comparing with desert Egypt.

Gas of the future

When someone asks us about green source of energy, we mention without hesitation wind, sun and water. These commonplace associations are absolutely right - wind turbines, solar and hydroelectric power station are in the foreground of alternative to traditional sources of energy. Perhaps it is worth reviewing less popular, but encouraging prospect such as biogas.

Look out! Dangerous light!

It is hard to imagine how light could destroy the environment. All associations link it with nature are only positive. Plants, animals, and people are closely connected in the cycle of matter, which the beginning of is the light. Life on our planet exists only due to the sun, and seems natural and absolutely necessary factor. Just as, artificial light - essential in the modern world. However, it is a source of danger, which significance and dimensions we have just been recognizing.