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Dominik Sosnowski

Environment Protection student at the Warsaw University of Technology. An engineer fascinated by literature and writing; a blogger who loves close contact with nature, macro photography as well as biking in the woods.

Acid rain – urgent problem of our time

Acid rain is formed by fusion between atmospheric water with contaminated air. Although with naked eyes you can’t see a difference between normal and acid rain, the effects of rainfalls are deadly even for big forest areas. The term of acid rain should be understood not only as rainfall but also as a toxic fog or even snow.

Hazardous waste as a big problem of civilization

The development of many sectors of industry which has been lasting for centuries and leads to obvious advantages, such as increased economical level and comfort of our life, is simultaneously responsible for generating a huge stream of hazardous waste. If we do not consider reasonable ways of neutralizing this threat today, it can end in the situation, when the future generations will inherit a devastated environment inapt to the further existence.