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Wiesław Kaszubski

Harmful ingredients in cosmetics

Do you belong to the group of people who suffer from skin problems after the application of cosmetics? If you do, see for yourself why it happens, if you do not it does not mean that you are not exposed to harmful ingredients contained in cosmetics.

Live ecologically - 7 simple rules

In the era of rapid technological development, the enormous progress of civilization we have come to the point where ours destructive actions cause a bad impact on nature. We see huge factories pollute the air, water, soil just to satisfy the ever increasing and uncontrollable needs of society. Earth cannot keep up with regeneration, and human activity more and more it is sterilized, despite the enormous exploitation of land by powerful industrial concerns. This also applies to our lives, because so often ours behavior is destructive to operate nature. Our environmental activities performed each day will help to catch breath by nature in this very one-sided fight. It does not need so much, because we need to observe just a few basic and simple rules in our activities to change it on environmentally friendly. Therefore, below we recall seven simple rules, according to which we should follow every day.