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(Un)healthy glow

Melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of cancer for adults ages 25 to 29. What is more important, the number of new cases and deaths is growing, almost 20% in last 10 years. What could be the reason of that trend? It was 6 years ago when WHO added ultraviolet (UV) radiation-emitting tanning devices - tanning beds and lamps - to the list of the most dangerous risk factors for melanoma. Using tanning beds may increase it by 75 percent!

Attention! Mold!

Molds don’t need much to grow – a bit of moisture, warmness and organic substances (dust is enough). What is more concerning, its spores (which are capable to turn into huge mold colonies, seen with the naked eye, in friendly environment) are floating in air everywhere around us, waiting for an opportunity to start growing, causing even bigger threat for our health or even lives. Therefore it is worth knowing about hazards connected to its existence, how to recognize and prevent it.

Natural ways to stay healthy and fit in cold seasons

Low temperature, rainy and foggy days are inherent signs of autumn. They also mean wet shoes, bedraggled clothes and hair messed by cold wind. Now it's easy to catch cold or flu. Learn about natural ways to prevent sickness: eat tasty and healthy food, sleep well, be active and enjoy the most colorful season of the year!