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Tea story

In a pleasant and quiet morning, and it was one day of the year 2737 BC wild tea under a tree to rest a Chinese emperor Shen Nung. When a gust of wind stirred the leaves, some of them fell directly into boiling water for the emperor. Intrigued by the intense green plants, curious effect not got rid of the intruder, but tried decorated with the liquid. Already the first sip caused that with great excitement acknowledged that it is very aromatic and refreshing. Here is the story of the first, brewed tea ...

The price for our clothes

The globalizing economy makes from the beginning of the twentieth century. You can use exotic foods, cotton and craft products produced on the cheap in the former colonies, which we now call the global South. While shopping you do not think about the fact that decisions have an impact on the lives of other people and the environment. Delight in the aroma, taste, subtle patterns, intricate workmanship. These are the main factors that determine whether a product is in your shopping cart.

Unknown cocoa problem...

Cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast, owners of small farms, deliver 40% of the world coca supply and constitute the base of the global industry worth billions dollars. Although they generate up to 15% of the national domestic product of the Ivory Coast, most of these people still live in poverty because of the productivity drop.

The Battle for Fair Trade

Do ever you think, while drinking a cup of wonderful aromatic coffee, about the fact that the man who picked it for you was paid 1.20 per kilo of beans?! Cafés use them to brew 80 cups, which earns them about 500 PLN. So, my question is: why do we forget about fair earnings for farmers who work their fingers to the bone?