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Who Is Cotton Harmful To?

Every woman will confirm that one of the best ways to improve her mood is to go shopping. Better yet, when the debit in her bank account does not grow with a growing number of her shopping bags. So miraculously healed mood, intensifies the calm conscience. Does it really…?

Tea story

In a pleasant and quiet morning, and it was one day of the year 2737 BC wild tea under a tree to rest a Chinese emperor Shen Nung. When a gust of wind stirred the leaves, some of them fell directly into boiling water for the emperor. Intrigued by the intense green plants, curious effect not got rid of the intruder, but tried decorated with the liquid. Already the first sip caused that with great excitement acknowledged that it is very aromatic and refreshing. Here is the story of the first, brewed tea ...

(Un)healthy glow

Melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of cancer for adults ages 25 to 29. What is more important, the number of new cases and deaths is growing, almost 20% in last 10 years. What could be the reason of that trend? It was 6 years ago when WHO added ultraviolet (UV) radiation-emitting tanning devices - tanning beds and lamps - to the list of the most dangerous risk factors for melanoma. Using tanning beds may increase it by 75 percent!

Water - more precious than gold

Poland has problem with water scarcity - it may seem like a joke, when the disasters and calamities: floods and rain storms happen so often. Surely our country is crossed by numerous rivers, we have a beautiful lakes, lots of rainy days in a year, but our water resources can be comparing with desert Egypt.

Why would you need to be gluten-free?

It is becoming more popular to think, that avoiding gluten will help us live long and healthy. Well, it might even be true, that gluten itself doesn’t contain any special nutritional substances, but still there is something we need to know about going gluten-free. And that thing is, that if we’re not diagnosed with any specific disease connected with gluten ingestion it’s not only useless but also dangerous to give up on it.

The price for our clothes

The globalizing economy makes from the beginning of the twentieth century. You can use exotic foods, cotton and craft products produced on the cheap in the former colonies, which we now call the global South. While shopping you do not think about the fact that decisions have an impact on the lives of other people and the environment. Delight in the aroma, taste, subtle patterns, intricate workmanship. These are the main factors that determine whether a product is in your shopping cart.

Sweet, white death

According to Central Statistical Office every one of us consumes about 42 kilograms of sugar a year (23 table spoons, 115 grams per day). Sounds a lot? Definitely. Especially when you compare it with WHO recommendations that only about 5-10% of our daily energy should come directly from sugar – that is about 5-10 tablespoons (25-50 grams). So you don’t add sugar to tea? I’m afraid it’s not enough. It is easy to exceed these standards just with a glass of apple juice and strawberry yoghurt.

Not that bad - salt

Salt, or sodium chloride is widely known as unhealthy. We are being told to lower its intake to minimum level. Happily, it is impossible to reduce it to zero. If you’re truly serious about your health, take that advice with a pinch of salt. After all, salt is really important nutrient, and reducing sodium intake can have unintended health risks.

To eat, or not to eat – mold.

Even if we buy just as much food as we need and if we store it just the way it should be, every one of us have seen mold. In the best case – on special kinds of cheese or salami, in the worse one – on bread and pork we forgot to eat two weeks earlier. If that happened I hope you immediately put it all into a plastic bag and discarded, but did you know, that there are some products which doesn’t require that step to be so radical?

Attention! Mold!

Molds don’t need much to grow – a bit of moisture, warmness and organic substances (dust is enough). What is more concerning, its spores (which are capable to turn into huge mold colonies, seen with the naked eye, in friendly environment) are floating in air everywhere around us, waiting for an opportunity to start growing, causing even bigger threat for our health or even lives. Therefore it is worth knowing about hazards connected to its existence, how to recognize and prevent it.

Supplements – choose wisely

Many of us are trying to replace healthy, balanced diet of the grocery store variety with supplements from the pharmacy menu. Sometimes this is good, but not always. Maybe it is because some supplements (even if not all of them!) available in a pharmacy are just good advertisement and nothing more, or at least – nothing that our organisms would really need.

Sweet bulb - Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a plant which has come to Europe from North America. It is believed that the person who had “imported” it was Christopher Columbus. Jerusalem artichoke’s tubers were North American Indians’ food. Appreciated by colonist, they have spread as ornamental, edible and fodder plant, reaching Europe and Asia.

Healthy peels

It has once been written about banana peels here. But this time I would like to discuss the topic a bit wider, because not only banana peels are usable. More – edible. Most of the fruits and vegetables peels we throw away can, and should be eaten. And it is not only the environment protection, it is about our health – they are filled with healthy stuff.

Gas of the future

When someone asks us about green source of energy, we mention without hesitation wind, sun and water. These commonplace associations are absolutely right - wind turbines, solar and hydroelectric power station are in the foreground of alternative to traditional sources of energy. Perhaps it is worth reviewing less popular, but encouraging prospect such as biogas.

Acid rain – urgent problem of our time

Acid rain is formed by fusion between atmospheric water with contaminated air. Although with naked eyes you can’t see a difference between normal and acid rain, the effects of rainfalls are deadly even for big forest areas. The term of acid rain should be understood not only as rainfall but also as a toxic fog or even snow.

The ozone layer is recovering

Located in stratosphere (15-30 km above sea level) layer with an increased concentration of ozone, that is protecting us from harmful ultraviolet radiation is showing the first signs of rebuilding itself, after many difficult years. At least, that is what UN (to be more specific – United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP) says in its report. What’s more, the report says it is definitely caused by globally taken efforts – the prohibition of substances depleting the ozonosphere.

Hazardous waste as a big problem of civilization

The development of many sectors of industry which has been lasting for centuries and leads to obvious advantages, such as increased economical level and comfort of our life, is simultaneously responsible for generating a huge stream of hazardous waste. If we do not consider reasonable ways of neutralizing this threat today, it can end in the situation, when the future generations will inherit a devastated environment inapt to the further existence.

Look out! Dangerous light!

It is hard to imagine how light could destroy the environment. All associations link it with nature are only positive. Plants, animals, and people are closely connected in the cycle of matter, which the beginning of is the light. Life on our planet exists only due to the sun, and seems natural and absolutely necessary factor. Just as, artificial light - essential in the modern world. However, it is a source of danger, which significance and dimensions we have just been recognizing.

Natural ways to stay healthy and fit in cold seasons

Low temperature, rainy and foggy days are inherent signs of autumn. They also mean wet shoes, bedraggled clothes and hair messed by cold wind. Now it's easy to catch cold or flu. Learn about natural ways to prevent sickness: eat tasty and healthy food, sleep well, be active and enjoy the most colorful season of the year!

Cabbage season!

The season for fresh cabbage is just coming. The vegetable that was praised for centuries is a great remedy for hangover, arthritis, anemia and much more. Still it is finding new, more surprising applications. It might be pretty soon when the concentrate of cabbage juice will be used to produce totally non-toxic cleaning agents, sandwich paper that also works as a preservative, or ecological plant protection products.

Unknown cocoa problem...

Cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast, owners of small farms, deliver 40% of the world coca supply and constitute the base of the global industry worth billions dollars. Although they generate up to 15% of the national domestic product of the Ivory Coast, most of these people still live in poverty because of the productivity drop.

Stay calm and take magnesium - an element essential for your health

You're irritable and tired? Perhaps you feel foot pain or leg cramps and have problems with swallowing and sleeping? Those symptoms are signs of magnesium deficiency. Do not worry, it is easy to provide your organism with as much magnesium as it needs by food or supplements. Try to help yourself by eating tasty meals and staying relaxed. Learn about that essential mineral and find out if you're deficient in magnesium.

Antiperspirants & Deodorants – with us or against us?

To avoid awkward situations, especially during summer, we spend a lot of time choosing antiperspirants and deodorants. We may wonder what is the difference between them, and which one is better. Some of us decide not to choose any of them – we might have heard about Alzheimer or breast cancer caused by these cosmetics. Should we really be afraid of them?

Let’s turn freedom to our pets!

Summer holidays, carefree and rest time Unfortunately during this period the owners of pets, who they looked after them all year, often say that their pets may more or less disturb in holiday plans. Owners can't stand thought, that they put beloved animal to sleep, so they try to invent better idea - turn back them freedom!

A bee is your friend…isn’t it?

Bees are incredibly useful insects. They have a huge impact on our everyday life. Unfortunately, commonly we are not aware of this fact. As pollinators they contribute to 50% crop increase, at average. Without bees’ hard work, we wouldn’t have so many fruits and vegetables as we do have now. Unluckily, their future is uncertain and it is high time we took action to help them survive.

Umami means ‘delicious’!

The fifth basic taste, umami (Japanese: umai-delicious, mi-taste) is inseparably linked to glutamate receptors. These are the receptors which make eating food with sodium glutamate – a chemical flavour enhancer that is unfairly held in disrepute – so pleasant. Its only fault is the fact that it being added to almost every unhealthy food product makes these delicious and attractive to us.

Earthship - a recycled, ecological house

Living in an ecological, self-sufficient house is a dream shared by every person who loves nature. The Earthship is its fulfillment - it's a house, which is built with tires, bottles, earth and... creativity of its future residents. American architect Michael Reynolds has created an uncommon project of people and nature-friendly buildings.

With binoculars among all creation

As soon as season changes and the wind is warm, all human beings tend to hear the call of nature. The woods, the sea or even local lakeside, anywhere but far away from city scorching heat. Unfortunately, if we desperately expect to rest on the countryside, we end up with the unwanted company of random people, driving us mad and so we are forced to go back home totally frustrated and disgusted.

#jedzjabłka (#eatapples)

Widespread availability of apples makes us forget how good for health they are. The embargo that begun on August 1 and Polish internet’s response to it (called #jedzjabłka - #eatapples) are a great opportunity to remind us how healthy this fruit is, and on addition to support Polish farmers by reducing their losses.

Ecological plastic or about bananas

Ecological plastic, as it is showed by the biggest bioplastic companies, is not any worse that the synthetic one, having identical qualities, not being fragile or brittle. The one made from starch is also biodegradable in normal composting conditions and, what is even more interesting, it can be prepared at home, much easier than it may seem. All you need to do is eat a few bananas.

The Battle for Fair Trade

Do ever you think, while drinking a cup of wonderful aromatic coffee, about the fact that the man who picked it for you was paid 1.20 per kilo of beans?! Cafés use them to brew 80 cups, which earns them about 500 PLN. So, my question is: why do we forget about fair earnings for farmers who work their fingers to the bone?

Harmful ingredients in cosmetics

Do you belong to the group of people who suffer from skin problems after the application of cosmetics? If you do, see for yourself why it happens, if you do not it does not mean that you are not exposed to harmful ingredients contained in cosmetics.

Live ecologically - 7 simple rules

In the era of rapid technological development, the enormous progress of civilization we have come to the point where ours destructive actions cause a bad impact on nature. We see huge factories pollute the air, water, soil just to satisfy the ever increasing and uncontrollable needs of society. Earth cannot keep up with regeneration, and human activity more and more it is sterilized, despite the enormous exploitation of land by powerful industrial concerns. This also applies to our lives, because so often ours behavior is destructive to operate nature. Our environmental activities performed each day will help to catch breath by nature in this very one-sided fight. It does not need so much, because we need to observe just a few basic and simple rules in our activities to change it on environmentally friendly. Therefore, below we recall seven simple rules, according to which we should follow every day.