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Pro-Natural is a slogan which has united a group of peple whose aim is to implement a motto which has recently become very obvious: in harmony with nature.

We are open to everything related to health, environmental protection, promotion of fair trade, recycling or ecology in the full sense of that word.

Poland does not have a long time tradition of living in harmony with nature; the British have enjoyed it much more longer. So we have decided to bring those two markets together and provide an opportunity for an exchange of products, experiences and knowledge of ecology for all those willing to change their lifestyle into the Pro-natural one.

Our aim is to facilitate and assist in a moral choice of a suitable product. All manufacturers struggle for every penny by making special offers or adverising but do they always do it in an honest manner? Let us answer this question ourselves… We must be aware that is is up to us which product will be the best. As a result it will be chosen from among a number of products offered and available in the market. It is Us who have a chance to orient manufacturers towards what we want and what we expect of them.

We have made this process very easy because products available in our shop come from organic farms; our concern is giving support to poor manufacturere from the Third World Countries, we promote biodegradable chemistry which helps protect the environment, and we provide support to manufacturers who invest in clean and healthy technologies.