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Cooperation with suppliers

We have created a website which aims primarily to promote ecology. Our wish is to encourage all people to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are open to cooperation with small and large manufacturers or distributors whose offer includes certified organic products as well as documented natural products. We provide an opportunity for development to those who begin their businesses as well as to those who have been familiar with the organic market for years.

In order to reach a broader range of customers we brought together the Polish and the UK markets, and the target buyers of your products will be customers from across the UE. We believe that due to its professionalism our cooperation will be fruitful for both of us.

If you are ready to increase sales and advertise your organic products, Pro-Natural will be happy to add your products to our offer.
The companies interested in trade cooperation are invited to contact us by completing a form.

Editorial cooperation

We are creating a website whose main task is to promote ecology and a healthy lifestyle. We are looking for editors who posses a knowlege of ecology and environmental protection, who will write texts in a professional and competent manner.

We aim to raise the awareness of all people so the texts must be written in a accesible and understandable way for people who do not have professional or scientific knowledge. The readers of the texts are people from the EU states, mainly Poland and the UK, therefore we expect texts in two language versions: in Polish and in English.

The initial stage of cooperation is under a specific task contract with the fee paid for the texts we use.

The authors may choose a topic within a specific subject area. It is their responsibility to select topics which will be published as this will provide basis for payment. They may earlier consult the topics in order to avoid or reduce the risk of the text not being used.

We may have an option to order a text on a specific topic, as presented by us or inspired by the sources we specify.

Our target is to establish permanent cooperation with several editors on a regular fee basis in exchange for a minum number of texts published monthly or weekly.

We guarantee work in a friendly team which is open to cooperation.

All those interested in editorial cooperation are invited to contact us by completing a form.